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Blackroot, set in 1967, tells the story of an American Indian teen named RT who struggles with her gender identity, the death of her grandmother, and now, the sudden appearance of four white teenagers who enlist her help in the search for a hallucinogenic mushroom.


The short was filmed over five days in Seattle. Film school roomates Ben Kadie and Jack Flynn co-wrote and directed. They managed pre production from LA. The crew of 13 met up in March to make the movie.


The story follows a pair of unlikely friends on one reckless night. Walter is a 60-year-old part time drug dealer and P.B. is a literal-minded, truth-obsessed 16-year-old kid. After their shift at the burger joint, the pair split up, each on a parallel misadventure. At its heart, the story is an exploration of truth. Each character is dedicated to an ideal. Each lies to themselves or others.


The story of Megan, a closeted gay 15 year old, who runs away from her mother's expectations. Hiding in an abandoned subway tunnel, she uses spray paint to create art for her mother. Megan hopes that through this gallery of graffiti she can help her mother understand who she is.

Director Ben Kadie (age 17) filmed in downtown Seattle and in the 100-year-old underground bunkers of Fort Casey State Park. Ben, a high schooler, turned these locations into graffiti-covered subway tunnels using visual effects including motion tracking and 3D modeling. Emma Rae Johnson leads a cast that includes Seattle-area actors Molly Berg, Andrew Tribolini, Rex Davison, and Victoria Puckett. The film features licensed songs by Now, Now and Bethurum.

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