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We open on Cody Fry in a minimalist white space, perhaps with a few objects suggesting a street setting


Cody joins the back of a long line of people and waits impatiently. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the same long line, Cory Wong is also waiting for his turn.

As the video progresses, it's revealed that Cody and Cory are actually in an infinite line made up of just the two of them, alternating forever.

Cody and Cory both believe they're in second place, behind the other.

From this starting place, the video builds choreography out of repeated movements of the two men:


  • looking back at the guy behind you

  • trying to cut out of line only to be blocked by the man in front doing the exact same thing

  • tapping the man in front on the shoulder, only to be tapped on the shoulder by the guy behind you.

We build from mundane movements to full choreography

Everybody's Running

Cody and Cory begin to walk, then run, chasing after the un-catchable man in front of them.

By the climax of the video, the white void background has been replaced by a trippy tunnel of gold, bronze, and silver colors.


Reference for infinite line of people effect

Reference for technique of filming with multiple cameras to create duplicates