Golden (Demo) - Cory Wong
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The entire video takes place in a bar. We open on Cody Fry, sitting alone.

Across the bar Fry sees Cory Wong having a great time, surrounded by a group of friends. Jealous, Cody challenges Cory to a game of darts.

Fry and Wong begin competing with each other in a series of bar competitions. As the video progresses, these competitions morph into full-scale Olympic sports, whimsically recreated inside the confines of the space.


It's a mix of choreography and performance, filmed in the style of classic 1970s music video.



Wong and Fry play a match of tennis. This sequence is filmed in slow motion, with each competitor bouncing on a mini trampoline in order to jump incredibly high. Other bar patrons raise a tennis net between them.

​Wong and Fry play run on a track, which moves like a conveyor belt along the bar floor. Bar patrons move objects past them to simulate a moving background

During the bridge / guitar solo, we transition into an abstract space. Lit by shimmering golden light, Cory and Cody are now full bown DISCO GODS, wearing sparkling sequened track suits.

We see Wong and Fry perform a handful of sports in the DISCO GOD world, including running on an infinite track. This is the climax of the video.

The video ends with a story beat of Wong and Fry realizing that they don't need to compete with each other and that success is relative (TBD)