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music video treatment for Cheat Codes by Ben Kadie

Our video is set in the online world we're all living in during quarantine. When a major glitch scrambles the internet, several virtual communities cross paths...


We open on a Kevin, Matt, and Trevor quarantined in their respective apartments The guys have a good time chatting over a zoom call.

note: all live action footage is filmed with a max 2 person crew as safely as possible

MEANWHILE... elsewhere on the internet, we see three other people immersed in their own online worlds.


A grandma kicks ass in a violent FPS


A tough-looking inmate zens out in a puppy-themed farming simulator


And a kid makes bank as an online poker shark

Thematically, we're seeing these people live out their own versions of Heaven online.


In a remote server farm, a single computer suddenly BURSTS INTO FLAMES

The effect: glitches appear across the internet. Cheat Code's zoom call starts freezing up.

Suddenly, Trevor disappears from his screen, leaving his clothes in his place.

A moment of confusion before Kevin and Matt also vanish...

And find themselves INSIDE THE INTERNET

(depending on band preference, their online versions could be Sims-like 3D avatars, live action green-screen footage, or characters with TVs for heads with Matt, Kevin, and Trevor's faces on the screen)

The guys witness multiple online worlds begin to overlap, resulting in total chaos. The first person shooter soldiers appear inside the farmer puppy world. Giant poker chips fall from the sky. Scrabble letters from Words With Friends tumble across the landscape like tumbleweeds, etc.

We inter-cut between the online world and our three characters (grandma, convict, kid) reacting with confusion and frustration as their games glitch out.


As the online worlds collide, we can have fun with trippy glitchy graphics like the reference above.

Trevor, Kevin, and Matt try to keep the peace and control the chaos. The guys begin to play their song (Heaven). The other online players start to pay attention and stop fighting.

Here we have a trippy, larger-than life VR performance segment. Travis Scott's Fortnite concert is a great reference.

The video ends with the collided online world at peace, everyone finally learning to get along with each other. We see the FPS shooter soldiers helping the puppies build a barn. We see the puppies playing poker with the card sharks, etc. The grandma, the kid, and the convict are enjoying their weird new online world.

The video ends with things back to normal. The Cheat Codes trio are having a pleasant zoom call with their new friends (grandma, kid, and convict)

thank you!

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