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Art & Animation for Refused's Animated Official Music Video [Update: 1 Million YouTube Hits]

In my biggest project to date with Anthem Films, I animated the official music video for "Electra" by the band Refused. DJay Brawner provided creative direction. Art elements came came mostly from the album cover, with me providing some original art. This was a "lyric video" because we created without the direct participation of the band. Rolling Stone magazine has an article about Refused -- a somewhat legendary punk band from Sweden -- and their first new album in 17 years.

My other visual effects and art work with Anthem includes the official music videos of "My Type" (Paper Town's version) by Saint Motel, "Day of the Dead" by the Hollywood Undead (9.3 million hits), and "When I Get Older" by Wild Party. Strangely, for a long time, my most seen VFX work with 900,000+ hits, was outside Anthem. It is an ad for sunless tanning products for YouTube celebrity Trish.


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