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DOWN THE WORMHOLE at USC First Look Film Festival

The USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) First Look Film Festival has selected DOWN THE WORMHOLE, my senior thesis film. SCA says the private festival selects the top student-produced films for family, friends, faculty and especially the Hollywood Community. The festival is part of the SCA Talent Week. April 17 to April 21. "First Look films are showcased on a promotional USB drive distributed to the Hollywood Community, including agents, managers, producers, studio executives, and film festival programmers."

The film, a mockumentary, tells the comic & dramatic story of a young underground music icon returning to her hometown after treatment. It stars Lauren Neal. Min-Jay Kang wrote the screenplay. Mykaila Williams and Anya Kolesnikoff produced and I directed. Over 50 people contributed as cast and crew.

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