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"Today I’m Gonna Get Myself A Real Job": Music Video Directed for Guitarist Cory Wong

I'm excited to share ‘Today I’m Gonna Get Myself A Real Job’, a music video I directed for funk guitarist Cory Wong!

Cory Wong says:

“I grew up as an MTV and VH1 kid. I watched music videos for hours on end. Fortunately, I grew up in the golden era of music videos, but never made my own. Normally I get footage of the live tracking sessions; but for this song, we didn’t. So I got to live out my MTV dreams by making a music video for it! The song has a lighthearted approach to an endless struggle as an artist who has self-doubt. It was fun to capture the feeling of the song, but also the magic of living out your calling"

I'm happy to have helped make Cory's MTV dreams come true. Thanks to everyone on the video team who worked so hard to make this elaborate project come together:

Actors: Cory Wong, Nofar Shamay, Davon Wade, Ronisue Kiser Director/Editor/VFX: Ben Kadie Cinematographer: Matt Burke Producers: Reef Oldberg, David Woon Key Grip: Omar Gante Choreographer: Kira Bartoli Puppet Designer: Sara Cho Lew Production Designer: Noel Dombroski Gaffer: Zach Braden 1st AD: Adrian Vega Albela Osorio 1st AC: Thomas Hubbel Set Dresser: Cat Rose Lev PAs: Autumn Palen, Abby Carter Colorist: Abdullah Ghazal

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