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Concept One

Concept One

Our view is from a 10th story window, overlooking the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Calling to mind a scene from a spy film, as if we are secret observer. We shoot on an extreme telephoto zoom lens, allowing us to zoom in close enough to follow individual people as they walk on the streets below.

This famous opening scene from 'The Conversation' is the best reference for this look.

A narrative is built around the lyrics of the track: 
A murder has occurred. Police looking for the culprit are stumped. We catch glimpses of a mysterious figure in the crowd, the titular Stone Cold Killer. Through street scenes, we see that the police are corrupt and that the apparent killer is in fact a vigilante protecting his community in the absence of trustworthy police.

This narrative needs to be developed a lot more. (Hopefully with your input!) But I really like visual frame of showing everything though this style of shooting-- telephoto view from rooftops.

We film without permits in public street locations. The production budget is mostly put towards camera and wardrobe.



Styling draws on first generation Hip Hop, Blaxploitation films, and disco. It’s 70s/80s inspired but contemporary enough to not look out of place next to other people on the street in modern clothes.

Concept Two

Concept Two

A stylish performance video based around flat textile patterns.


We see Malik and Taylor perform together in front studio background. Classic portrait lighting is used.

Visual effects demo below (using stock footage )

The graphic / flat texture look draws inspiration from collage style '70s genre posters, seen below.

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