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music video treatment by Ben Kadie

We open in a vintage 1920s movie theater. A sandwich board sign reads "test screening."

Mica and Matt, our filmmakers wait eagerly for their audience to arrive. A single couple shows up. It's a disappointing audience of two.


The silent film starts. Its a fantastical adventure film in the style of George Melies. The film stars Matt and Mica.

giphy (1).gif

CUT TO: The same theater, circa 1958. Using costume and set design, we indicate that we're in another era. Mica and Matt are now 1950s filmmakers, inviting their audience to a test screening of a B-movie. The audience (again only two people show up) sit down and dawn paper 3D glasses.


The 1950s film starts: it's a campy B-movie starring Matt and Mica.

CUT TO: The same theater in the 1985. Matt and Mica are programmers demoing a new videogame. Two people show up for the play test and sit down in the audience.

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