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DOWN THE WORMHOLE - short film

Short Dramatic Mockumentary: 
When underground music icon Grace Freedman returns home after long-term treatment for Bipolar I and substance abuse she struggles to stay healthy despite her manager and her fans pushing her into the image of the “crazy genius.”

This film started as a small team of myself, writer Min-Jay Kang, and our two wonderful producers, Mykaila Williams and Anya Kolesnikoff. The four of us knew at the start that our goal was to make a strong statement against the myth that artists with mental illness need to be unwell to be great. It's a myth that comes up often when we hear about people like Amy Winehouse, Daniel Johnson, or Vincent Van Gogh that romanticizes their suffering for the sake of art in an unhelpful dangerous way. 

As the characters, tone, and plot of our film changed over and over again through many drafts of the script and as our crew grew from us four to over 50 people, that original goal was our guiding light.

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