music video treatment by
Ben Kadie



Noname stands outside her window, watching herself caught in a bad relationship.

We open on a cloudy evening sky as the instrumental intro swells. A man holding an umbrella floats down from above, Mary Poppins style. He lands on the sidewalk, walks up to our front door, and knocks.

We see Noname waiting eagerly by the window. As she looks out, vines grow rapidly around her window and flowers bloom. It's hyper- romantic. Like a real life Disney movie.


Noname lets her boyfriend in. From outside the window, we watch them greet and interact.

A sudden lighting change reveals another Noname visible in the reflection of the window, watching herself. She delivers the first verse, "Here with him a little ways from now..."

The entire video is centered around the window. We shift between the reflection and the view inside, creating interesting overlapping images. As the video progresses, dancers in flowing fabric join Noname outside. 

The world inside the window remains realistic- glimpsed slices of life.


We intercut to a performance setup with Noname in front of the window, filled with faux stained glass. The stained glass rotates and moves in time with the music



Creative Reference


Reference for moving stained glass. We would achieve a similar effect by moving / rotating colored gels in front of the the window

Blood Orange - Better Than Me, reference for dance style 

Arcade Fire Sprawl II
Reference for flowy dance costume (around timecode 3:20)


Thank you!

Ben Kadie