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We open on archival footage of construction in a 1920s city.

Preliminary 3D Render test

We cut to a wide shot, looking over a new construction site. We’re seeing time-lapse footage: days fly by in the blink of an eye. The cars on the streets are reduced to a blur. Construction begins on a new tower.


Except it’s not a tower. It’s lead singer Alex, the size of a skyscraper. At first he is stiff and ridged, like a giant statue. But soon he begins to move and sing, expressing the intense emotion of the song.

Preliminary 3D Render test

The heart of the video is giant Alex performing in the construction site. We’d accomplish this by filming on green-screen with 3D animated background imagery. We film with a strobe light effect, mimicking the look of the sun moving rapidly in time-lapse.

Over the course of the video, we see the city around Alex rise. Skyscrapers replace three story brick buildings. Then, as the video progresses, buildings start to come down. Eventually Alex himself is reduced to rubble.

Thematically, the video’s journey of construction and deconstruction parallel the course of a difficult relationship. The immense amount of time passing speaks to the song’s central idea of running out of patience and wasted time.


Creative Reference

Creative Reference

Reference for time-lapse performance look. Our effect would be significantly more fluid than this though.

Reference for grungy texture. The whole video will look like old film photos, with warm noise and analogue artifacting.

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